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"The tricks to eat healthy exist: and I have not stopped sinning"

"How many times have I bought goji berries, black cabbage and red rice to eat healthy ? A thousand How many times have I cooked them (and maybe all together)? EVER" Sophie 32 year old who lives alone in Milan . "I tried, but eating healthy is like ironman, you have to go from seven thousand gardens, eight thousand washes, nine thousand culinary failures" Roberta, 40, Roman business lady . "Yes, of course, there are tricks for healthy eating : just take away all the pleasure of life, from salt to delicious cheeses" Evelyne 27 years happily lived in Florence . If we have filed the costume test at all costs (thankfully, the new whole costumesthe perspectives change) the question of good and healthy eating does not belong to any season. It is true that some tips to cook very well even when you have very little time help, and how if they help …

Eat healthy = organic and fresh food. Why? We will ingest less preservatives and less pesticides. This (also) the position of the #ipesticididentodino campaign promoted by FederBio with ISDE-Doctors for the Environment, Legambiente, Lipu and WWF Italia launched by the cambialaterra.it project which has tested an Italian family with two children for 15 days. In fact, the four individuals were subjected to repeated monitoring after two weeks of organic diet, ie based on products without chemistry, in other words without pesticides. The result? The glyphosate had collapsed and in general the content of detectable pollutants in the organism had significantly lowered, in some cases eliminated.

Eat healthy = do not skip breakfast. They call it the champion's breakfast (cit) and it's not a case. Healthy, sporty and competitive (at work): eating well and in the morning is the elixir of health and youth. According to a study by Loma Linda University Health (California), people who base their diet on one or two meals a day, that is they skip dinner or have a very light dinner, have a greater reduction of BMI – Body Mass Index , while those who make three or more meals a day tend to get fat. The reason? According to experts skip breakfast, usually after 8-10 hours of fasting, would send a sort of danger signal to the brain that as a result would store as fat reserves any food ingested during the day and would push us to take food and drinks rich in fats and sugars .

Photo by Taylor Kiser on Unsplash
Eat healthy = say goodbye to sugars. Stop taking them is an urgency. Numbers a drastic thread to the hand: the dose of added sugar not to be exceeded is 25 grams for women and 35 grams for men a day, but often Italian habits far exceed the threshold. Why does sugar hurt so badly? "In addition to raising blood sugar, it contains fructose , which hinders the proper functioning of insulin, the hormone that regulates blood glucose levels, allowing it to enter cells, where it is burned to produce energy », explains Franco Berrino, epidemiologist and expert on the correlation between food and tumors. Where is it (also)? In canned vegetables, in glazed cereals, in fruit yoghurt, in breadcrumbs, in many ready-made sauces, in crusty bread, in sausages, in sausages, in ketchup and in mayonnaise, in soups and in soups.

Healthy eating = do not eliminate pasta. Byrdie.com has thoroughly searched the studies of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey Center that collects data on US eating habits. Drawing on this immense source of study and relating it to pasta consumption, the scientists of the American National Pasta Association have discovered that those who eat pasta eat better in general (in the jargon: that there are several positive correlations between the two). In the first place it turned out that those who regularly eat pasta tend to add nutrients such as folic acid, iron, magnesium and fibers to their diet. Basically, by reporting the results above our tables, pasta, and especially the whole, is very good for us because, in addition to being a healthy food, it is coupled "naturally" with other healthy foods. Obviously Americans should be told that ketchup is not a condiment for spaghetti.

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